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Permanent Direct Hire

Let us introduce you to your next best long-term hire. We even offer a term guarantee for a piece of mind.

We learn about the team, culture, personality, skills required, budget, etc.

Contract/Temp Placements

We are here to help you grow and provide contractors for short-term and long-term projects

We have temps ready to cover for events, trade shows, vacation, leave, maternity, etc. 

Your Search Ends Here

Find Top Employees

At PACIFIC PLACEMENT GROUP, we’ll help you zero in on the perfect job-seekers. From sourcing to screening, we’ll provide you with the best employees suited for your company. We make sure to work only with the best in their field and supply our recruiting clients with the people we believe answer their requirements to the fullest.

Contract to Hire

Not sure if you need a full-time hire, try them on contract first

Permanent budget not approved and need someone sooner


Already have someone in mind to hire, we can put them on our payroll

Save our clients huge Administrative costs and liabilities

Startups - We can help with projects

Contact us and start hiring today! There really is no point waiting when such incredible service is available.

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